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Women's End of Season Dinner 2019

This year we thought we'd have a bit of a celebration! The title we've been working towards for the last 5 years, since joining the Manchester and District League under the captaincy of Jackie Whitehurst, has finally come to fruition.

Made even sweeter after being (in our opinion) cheated out of the title last year, the final two matches of the season played out with emphatic wins, despite opposition teams pulling out some top players.

Wanting to support an LGBTQ business, we took our custom to the delightful No1 Canal Street where 14 of the women's section had an enjoyable night of food, drinks and revelry, celebrating a great season and reminding us all of the fantastic camaraderie and friendship being part of Northern Aces brings. We went on to Oscars, but after that it all gets a bit fuzzy!


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