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Privacy Policy

About this policy​

This privacy policy sets out the way we process and store your personal data in line with Genera Data Protection Regulation ('GDPR') and has been created to make sure you are aware of how we use your data as a member of Northern Aces Tennis Club ('Northern Aces'), or when you interact with our website.

How we collect your information

This may be done in a few, limited ways:

  • Directly from you - when you apply to join the website, fill in an application for membership, when you make enquiries on our website, or when you interact with us during your time as a member (for example, when you enter a competition or renew your membership);

  • From someone else who has applied for membership on your behalf (for example a family member or your tennis coach who has provided us with your contact details for that purpose); and

  • From the Lawn Tennis Association ('LTA') (for example, where the LTA passes on your details to us in connection with a complaint or query you have raised about the club).

The types of information we collect

We may collect the following types of data form you:

  • Contact and communications information, including your contact details (email address, telephone numbers and postal address);

  • Financial information, including Direct Debit details; and

  • Certain other information which you volunteer when making use of your membership benefits (for example availability for competitions).

How we use personal data

Personal data provided to us will be used for the purposes set out at the time of collection and, where relevant, in accordance with any preferences you express. More generally, we will use your personal data for the following purposes:

  • Administration of your Northern Aces membership including taking payment of membership fees;

  • Research and statistical analysis about who is playing sport at Northern Aces;

  • Communication about Northern Aces activities that we think may be of interest to you;

  • Player registration with local tennis leagues; and

  • Storing your details on the platforms we use for our subscription management system and official Northern Aces records.


There are some communications that we need to send you in order for us to fulfil our contractual obligations to you as a member of Northern Aces. Examples of these essential service communications are:

  • Records of transactions, such as payment receipts or Direct Debit confirmations (as applicable); and

  • Membership related mailings such as your membership renewal reminder, notices of formal meetings and information about any cancellations of sessions or tournaments.

You are on control of how we communicate with you. You can update your preferences by contacting us at any time.

Sharing your information with others

We will never sell your personal data, and we will never share your personal data with other organisations other than as set out below. Personal data collected and processed by us may be shared with the following third parties, where necessary:

  • Northern Aces officials for the purposes of administering your membership and giving you access to the membership benefits to which you are entitled;

  • Our designated session and tournament organisers;

  • who act as Data Processors in administrating Northern Aces subscription management system; and

  • Paypal and Stripe who act as Data Processors in facilitating online payments including direct debits for subscriptions.


Contact and complaints

If you have any queries about this privacy policy or how we process your personal data you may contact the Northern Aces executive committee (

If at any time you experience a problem with this site or wish to make a complaint relating to your use of it, please be assured we are committed to resolving any issues with you as soon as possible.

Safeguarding Policy

Our safeguarding policy is in line with the LTA, which you can view using the link below.

Diversity & Inclusion Policy

Our diversity and inclusion policy is in line with the LTA, which you can view using the link below.

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