If you have any question that is not covered here, please get in touch, we're happy to help answer your query.

Do I have to be a member to come to a social session?  

No, you don’t have to be a member. However, annual membership is only £35 a year, and it enables you to take advantage of lower session costs. It also means that you are supporting our club and our community because we are a not-for-profit organisation that subsidises court costs for our sessions through membership fees. 


I haven’t played tennis for a while and would like to get back into the game, will I fit in?  

The best thing to do is to come along to one of the social sessions and to have a go. The 3 hour social sessions are fun, and mix in all abilities. If you are a 'Rusty Racket' we also hold friendly coaching and refresher sessions.

I am a total novice and have never played tennis before, will I be able to participate? 

Our social sessions cater for all abilities, but if you have never played before we would recommend that you start to participate in the beginner's sessions. Alternatively ask us about the LTA approved coaching sessions aimed at complete beginners. Once you have mastered the basics you will get so much more out of the social sessions and find that your game comes on quite quickly.


Do I have to play in a team or get involved  in competitive tennis for the club ? 

No. Participation in both internal and external competitions and leagues is totally optional. Some players enjoy the competitive aspect, while others prefer to use our club as a safe space where they can play a social game and just be themselves. Many of our players find that they start off playing socially and consider entering our internal tournaments as they progress. Whilst our internal competitions are competitive, they are also fun and very social. 


I am beginning or returning to tennis and I don’t have any kit what do I need? 

We can lend you a racket for the social sessions if you don’t already have one. All balls are provided for social sessions and internal competitions, with the exception of the singles box leagues. You will, however, need some proper shoes – the best ones to buy are all-court shoes with none marking soles: These are inexpensive but important as they give your feet proper support on court, and help prevent injury. Other than than, you can wear whatever you would normally wear to do anything active; t-shirt, tracksuit, shorts, skirts etc. Tiaras are optional! 

Are there changing or shower facilities at the venues where you play? 

Yes, all venues that we use have changing rooms, lockers and shower facilities. You can play a session, shower and change, and go paint the town whatever colour you want to afterwards if you so desire! 


I do not identify as being  part of the LGBTQ+ community can I join your club?  

We are an inclusive club, and while we are focused on providing a safe space for LGBTQ+ tennis players we welcome all who share our ethos. Our code of conduct does not tolerate discrimination on any ground, so if you’d like to join us then your sexuality is not a barrier.  We aim to have a great atmosphere without attitude .