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The GAYVIS Cup 2024

Tournament sponsored by Via Manchester

Northern Aces secure top spot in Manchester based tournament

Northern Aces landed the tournament title following two days of intense competition to beat the London Lions, Glam Slammers and International Grindrs in the Gayvis Cup 2024. Northern Aces fought off last year's champions, the London Lions, securing a win in each of their ties 7-4 6-5 7-4.

IJanuary 2024 saw the third edition of the Gavyis Cup tournament being held in Manchester celebrating inclusive tennis, hosted by Norther Aces and the London Lions and sponsored by Via Manchester. Four teams from around the globe came together to compete in a bid to be crowned Gayvis Cup 2024 champions.

WIth representation from the UK, Switzerland, Germany and Amsterdam, the Gayvis Cup celebrated an international presence this year as well as all the on- (and off-) court drama that comes with it.

"This year was our largest tournament yet and the standard of play was equally high. We had it all - injuries, drama, looks... what more could you ask for?"

Northern Aces results:

Round 1: Northern Aces vs. Glam Slammers (7-4)

Round 2: Northern Aces vs. London Lions (6-5)

Round 3: Northern Aces vs. International Grindrs (7-4)

Special mentions to team captain Adam Wolstanholme who led the squad to victory; Omar Sholi for being awarded 'Best Dressed'; Robby Gee for winning 'Most Memorable Play'; and William Chadwick for being given the 'Fair Play' title.

"Thank you to everyone in the Northern Aces team who competed and those Aces who stepped up to play in other teams" said team captain Adam Wolstanholme.

A sparkling weekend of tennis, featuring friendly rivalries and new friendships, the Gayvis Cup kicked off the 2024 season with a bang. With the GLTA season heating up, we expect to see many familiar faces on the tour ahead of the Manchester GLTA ('Kiss My Ace') which takes place in July this year.

Tournament organisers Liam Sweeney and Adem Kayalp put on a fabulous tournament and all teams involved showcased how successful inclusive tennis can be when done right. Following their success, Liam and Adam are handing over the reigns to Northern Aces to organise 2025 - good luck to Andy and William.

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Such a great event and club :)

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