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Rotator Championship

As many of you are aware Gurj and Sofia (Fi) have been running the successful rotator-style tournaments for just over a year now. The Rotator Cup is the culmination of these events, a championship that sees the winners and runners up of the last 12 months come together in an exciting day of fast-paced rotator tennis to find our annual rotator champions of champions.

It was a really great day with 16 participant battling through 7 rounds of tennis to try to get enough games in their individual bags to make it through to the semi finals and finals.

This year our finalists were Dan White and Omar Sholi who played a longer 7 game match against Stuart Longworth and Neil Smallburn. It was very close fought, but one pair had to come out on top (no jokes please).

Congratulations to the overall winners and Rotator Champions 2019

Stuart Longworth and Neil Smallburn.

The vintage trophy that we have had engraved for the competition will remain in the possession of the winning pair until it comes back for another championship this time next year.

If you want to have a go at qualifying for the Rotator Cup then look out for the Rotator competitions that happen throughout the year and get involved. The medal winners and runners up from each event will be invited to battle it out once again, in what we know will become another competitive seasonal social event!


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