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LGTBQueens Cup 2023

On Saturday 10th June 2023, which at the time of writing was recorded to be the hottest day of 2023 so far, Northern Aces held its summer tournament and celebrated pride and tennis!

The tournament followed a 'Laver Cup' format, with two teams captained by Andy Aldridge and William Chadwick competing a series of doubles and singles matches to score points for each respective team!

Fierce competition saw players with a range of abilities, battle it out to overcome both physical and mental adversity. So exciting to see old and new members come together to enjoy the day off-court as much as on-court!

Congratulation to the blue/black team for snatching the win at 11-9, and well done to the red/white team for fierce competition. Both teams showcased some stellar tennis talent, in spite of the relentless summer sunshine!

From left to right: Aidan Fielding, Andy Aldridge, Michael Graham, Charlotte Moran, Omar Sholi, Dan White, Neil Lamey-McArthur, Richard Trentham, Andrew Giltrap, Rob Berry, William Chadwick, Robby Gee

Left: Blue/black team with the LGBTQueens Cup tournament plate. Right: Red/white team.

See a collection of photos which capture the spirit of the day:


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