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northern aces hosts the GAYVIS CUP tournament

This weekend saw 40+ players from across the country come together in Manchester to compete in the Gayvis Cup tournament, celebrating all things LGBTQI+ and tennis.

Competing in teams over two days, players participated in a mix of singles and doubles in order to accumulate points for their team.

Competing, in order left to right, was:

  • Northern Aces (captain: Adam Wolstanholme)

  • London Lovers (captain: Tam Diep)

  • Commonwealth Challengers (captain: Brad Magill)

  • Barbarian Baseliners (captain: Matej Wolf)

The standard of play was incredibly high, with players across all divisions delivering some knock-out performances. After a brutal two days of competitive tennis, it all came down to a nail biting final between the London Lovers (Tom Jessop and James Hodges) and Northern Aces (Adam Wolstanholme and Michael Graham). Coming back from 2-4, Northern Aces managed to equalise at 6-6 and took an early lead in the tie-break. Following a ferocious battle, however, it was the London Lovers who snatched victory, 7-6 (7-5).

Catch the winning moment below:

A special shout out to Liam Sweeney, Adem Kayalp and Ramzi Cherad for working behind the scenes, delivering a fantastic tournament!

Special thanks also to the Manchester Tennis and Football Centre for hosting us all weekend.


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