2019 Roll of Honour

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

This year has been an amazing year for our club in terms of both league team achievements and individual achievements in the GLTA world tour.

Below is a list of the awards and achievements form the 2019 season that our players have earned through Northern Aces teams or through playing within the GLTA tournament tour. As more accolades come in we will add them to the list! Huge congratulations all, and onwards and upwards for 2020!

League team performance 2019 Season:

South Manchester Mens Divison 1 Overall League Winners Northern Aces A

South Manchester Division 2 4th Place Northern Aces B

Manchester and District Ladies Divison 1 Overall League winners Northern Aces Women

Manchester and District Ladies Doubles Tournament Winners Louisa Howe and Sofia Milone

GLTA Tour achievements by Northern Aces players for the year 2019 are as follows:

12th Gay German Open 2019

Men's Double Open Semi Finalist John Chatterley

Men's Singles A Winner John Chatterley

Men's Doubles A Runner up Andrew Storer

2019 GLTA World Tour Championships

Women's Doubles Winners Louisa Howe and Sofia Milone

Women's Singles Winner Louisa Howe

Diamond Indoor Classic 2019 Nuremburg

Men's Double Open Semi Finalist John Chaterley

Women's A/Open Singles Runner Up Louisa Howe

Women's Singles B Semi Finalist Eira Guest

Women's doubles A/Open Winners Louisa Howe and Sofia Milone, Semi Final Eira Guest

Mixed Doubles A Winners Stuart Longworth and Louisa Howe, Runners up Daniel White and Sofia Milone

Gran Canaria Sunshine Womens Open

Women's Doubles A Winner Jackie Whitehurst

Women's Doubles B Semi Finalists Eira Guest and Karon Mayor

Bologna Open 2019

Men's Singles A Semi Finalist Andrew Storer

Men's Doubles A Winners Ian Cameron and Jason Pestel, Runner Up Andrew Storer

Men's Singes C Semi Finalist Lai Wei

Men's Doubles C Semi Finalist Lai Wei

Amsterdam Pinkster 2019

Women's Doubles A/Open Runners up Louisa Howe and Sofia Milone

Rotterdam Alegria Open Rotterdam 2019

Mens doubles A/B Runner Up Omar Sholi

Prague Friendly Tennis Open 2019

Mens Open Doubles Semi Finalist John Chatterley

Mens Doubles A Semi Finalist Dan White

Mens Doubles B Semi Finalist Russel Hudgell

Mens Singles C Semi Finalist Lai Wei

Eurogames 2019 Rome

Women's Doubles A/B Bronze Eira Guest

Mixed Doubles A/B Bronze Eira Guest

Hanse Cup Hamburg 2019

Men's Doubles B Runner Up Omar Sholi

Madrid Tennis Open 2019

Men's Singles C Winner James kidd

Chilli Katowice Tennis Open 2019 Masters

Men's Doubles B Semi Finalist Lai Wei

Men's Singes C Runner Up Lai Wei

Ad Out Cologne 2019

Mens Doubles C Winner Lai Wei

Mens Singles C Runner Up Lai Wei

Paris Summer Cup 2019

Mens Singles C Runner Up James Kidd

Zurich open 2019

Womens Double Open Semi Finalist Natalie Craig

Madrid Open 2019

Men's Singles C Semi final David Dobson

Men's Doubles C Semi Finalist David Dobson

Tallinn Colour Games 2019

Men's Doubles Open/A Runners Up Andrew Storer and Ian Cameron

Men's Singles A Winner Andrew Storer, Runner up Ian Cameron

Manchester GLTA International – Kiss My Ace 2019

Men's Singles A Semi Finalist Thomas Huggon

Men's Singles B Runner Up Danny Eason

Men's Singles C Winner Gurjeet Singh-Raud, Runner Up David Dobson

Men's Singles D Semi Finalist John Miller

Men's Doubles A Winners Danny Eason and Thomas Huggon, Runners up Stuart Cartwright

Women's Doubles Open/A Winner Jackie Whitehurst, Runner Up Sofia Milone

Semi Finalist Natalie Craig and Chloi Sanderson

Women's Doubles B Runner Up Helen Spandler, Semi Finalist Eira Guest

Mixed Doubles Open/A Runner Up Jackie Whitehurst

Mixed Doubles B Winner Natalie Craig, Runners up Eira Guest and Robert Keeling

Rotator Tournament Winners and Rotator Cup Championship to follow...

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After 20 years away, thinking gay men weren’t supposed to play tennis, I finally found somewhere to play and be myself. I’ve won a few tournaments and even better found some great friends.

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I came across Northern Aces on social media, I had no idea LGBT clubs were a thing. I now travel from North Yorkshire monthly for the social session which is always worth the journey.

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