Social Tennis

Come down for some doubles at the weekend - meet new people and enjoy the sport you love

What is Social Tennis?

Northern Aces is committed to providing a space to play tennis where everyone can be themselves. Our social sessions do not discriminate, and are open to players of every level.

All sessions are run by committee members or volunteers and consist of doubles play where people rotate courts usually every 20mins. Some sessions may be streamed according to ability, for instance we sometimes run a beginner's hour, but usually players are expected to mix in.

Where do we play?

Where do we play?

Northern Aces use two venues for Social Tennis sessions, Manchester Tennis & Football Centre and Urmston Sports Club, the latter of which allows our members affiliated membership. We also use other venues for some events, such as The Northern and David Lloyd Manchester.

Manchester Tennis & Football Centre


Sports Club


Session Info

The committee books 3 or 4 courts on Saturday or a Sunday. Additional courts may be booked for players on the day dependent upon court availability and attendance. Court bookings and attendance are monitored carefully by the committee to ensure players get as much time on the court as possible, however at some sessions you may need to sit out occasionally. This will be organised as fairly as possible.

Over the summer months, some courts are booked outside at Urmston, but generally the sessions are held indoors at Manchester Tennis & Football centre (known to members as 'Sportcity').

Most of the play is doubles, which takes priority; singles is played when court capacity is available. Northern Aces provides tennis balls, but please bring your own racquet and water, and ensure you have read and are compliant with our Code of Conduct below.

Session prices

Manchester Tennis & Football Centre (Indoor)

Members: £8 Students: £6 Non-members: £12

Urmston Sports Club (Outdoor)

Members: £8 Students: £6 Non-members: £12

For times and dates of sessions, or to familiarise yourself with the rules please click on the links below.

Etiquette and Conduct

Members are required to respect and adhere to the following :

Code of Conduct

  • All players should be respectful of each other and maintain the confidentiality of those players attending Northern Aces events. Language and behaviour, which is racist, sexist or discriminates against disabled people, will not be tolerated. As stated in the Constitution Para 35. “Any member whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate may be excluded either temporarily or permanently from the Group”.

  • Alcohol consumption is not permitted on the tennis courts at any time. The use of drugs or other illegal substances is also forbidden and any player who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be stopped from playing. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the buildings of any of our venues.

  • Northern Aces reserves the right to require members to leave a tennis session or event early and to cancel membership for serious breach of the above conditions or for anti-social behaviour that has a detrimental effect to the event, or the benefit gained from those attending. In the unlikely event that a player is required to leave a tennis session/event early, they will not be eligible for a refund.

  • All players should respect the specific regulations of the tennis venue and be aware of health and safety requirements. For this reason personal belongings should not be left on court during play. All members should ensure that they are appropriately attired. To use their courts, all our playing venues specifically require that appropriate sports footwear (either trainers or tennis shoes – no black soles) and clothing is worn. Appropriate attire is also a basic courtesy to other players, and particularly important when representing the Northern Aces in competitions and tournaments.


Health and Safety

  • As a first general rule, please comply with all instructions given to you by relevant organiser or committee member for each session's play. As group members grow, it becomes more difficult to organise people effectively and your full co-operation in achieving this is expected.

  • All members playing during a session should ensure that their sports bags, coats, any spare rackets, food and drink etc are not left at the back of the tennis courts, but are stored safely in the changing room lockers provided. Northern Aces cannot accept responsibility for any player's stolen or damaged property.

  • All members should ensure that appropriate sports footwear - either trainers or tennis shoes with no black soles - and clothing is worn. This is a requirement of our playing venues for using their courts. 

  • Members are reminded that tennis balls should not be left on the court when playing - they can be a serious trip hazard. Instead any tennis balls not in use should be kept near the extremity of the court. We ask you to make any player aware if there is a ball on or near the court that might put them at risk, and we remind players that they should wear clothing with appropriate pockets to stow any spare balls for a second serve.

  • All members should ensure that any food and drink containers, whether finished or not, should be either taken away with them or placed in the bins provided at the end of each session. Please be respectful of the venue and do not leave any rubbish at the end of the days play. Northern Aces has established a good relationship with the the Management and staff at our playing venues and it is important that this is not damaged by the irresponsible behavior of members.



  • The first 20 minutes of play each week is the designated warm up time. Players who cannot have a warm up on or between the courts during this time are encouraged to warm up before play to avoid possible injury.

  • Anyone arriving after the first 20 minutes or not warming up during this time will be expected to go on court ready to play without any knocking up time.



  • After the first 20 minutes, all play will be organized in turn by the attending participants. Due respect should be given to their directions.

  • To ensure that everyone attending the session gets the change to play and benefit from playing with different people and with people of varying standards, play is usually organized in 20 minute intervals and players are rotated throughout the session. tennis balls should be left on court after each game.


Waiver of Liability

  • By participating at Northern Aces sessions, tournaments and other activities and events, participants agree to waive any all rights and claims for bodily or emotional injury, injury  to their reputation, or any other damage or harms that they might suffer, or any other claims of any nature they or their legal representatives may have against Northern Aces Tennis Group,  all playing sites, sponsors, or any organization, facility or individual associated with the other activities and events. Participants agree to participate at their own risk and the above organizations, facilities, and individuals will not be responsible for any harm, injury or damage that they might suffer. 



  • Players must be at least 18 years old to attend any Northern Aces session, tournament or other activity and event.


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What people have to say

What's stopping you coming down for a hit? Our members would love to meet you.

Sofia Milone

Northern Aces and the GLTA got me back into tennis after an 18 year break. I'm now fitter and happier than I've ever been, and playing the best tennis in my life.

Neil Smallburn

After 20 years away, thinking gay men weren’t supposed to play tennis, I finally found somewhere to play and be myself. I’ve won a few tournaments and even better found some great friends.

Graham Mather

I came across Northern Aces on social media, I had no idea LGBT clubs were a thing. I now travel from North Yorkshire monthly for the social session which is always worth the journey.

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