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Rome Eurogames update

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Graham Mather and I represented the club at this years Eurogames Tennis competition, joining over 2000 participants, from all over world in a great fun multisport LGBTQ+ sporting event.

The courts, the hosting at Yellow Roma tennis club and the host city were all totes fabuloso and a great time was had by all. I am delighted to report that Graham had a valiant battle in the Men's Doubles C semi finals losing only in a dramatic match in the super tie break. Unlucky Graham, you are definitely a drama magnet after that one I think! I was a little more fortunate and despite the heat (and maybe because of the copious amounts of prosecco consumed) managed to bag a bronze in both the mixed and women's A/B.

Eurogames 2020 is set to take place in Dusseldorf in 2020 with registration now open. Well worth a visit to Germany, as there are so many other LGBTQ+ sports represented as well as tennis.

Rome Eurogames 2019


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