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Our Tournaments

Northern Aces have a variety of competitions throughout the year, in addition to our local league and internal singles box league

Upcoming events


Northern Aces organise a number of competitions at various venues throughout the year, including doubles events. Some competitions are internal, others are open to all. They may also be run as a draw or as round robin groups depending on the number of entrants.


Enter with a specified partner

Compass draw

Enter solo and be paired up with a players. Pairs are created to be as even as possible to ensure everyone has a good chance of making the final!


A handicapped doubles event. See below for specific details.


This is exactly what you think it is, a singles competition played usually around Spring time. It's a rare opportunity to get some singles competition practice, and is well-attended and enjoyed by all.

Rotator Cup

Northern Aces rotator tournament is an American-style handicapped doubles tournament. All players are split into two groups based on their ability, and compete for points as individuals on the doubles court. Each round players will play with and against different players (except in unusual circumstances), and the game starting scores change depending on which pair are ahead.

It sounds complex, but once you've played a round it soon becomes second nature. Northern Aces has 4 Rotator Tournaments a year, and the finalists from each Tournament are then invited to play for the Rotator Cup, an actual cup you can win!

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