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Wimbledon tales...

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Being affiliated to the LTA means that every year our club is lucky enough to recieve a number of Wimbledon tickets in the ballot. We then create a draw for our members who have linked themselves to Northern Aces in their LTA membership registration.

Additionally, many folks also managed to get tickets over the two weeks through the public ballot or through membership ballots at other clubs. Looking at the social media everyone seemed to be having an amazing time, and no doubt will come back inspired and fired up for the remainder of the league and summer season!

It certainly was a pretty amazing couple of weeks culminating in an extraordinary Mens Singles final which has to be the stand out squeeky bum match of the century. Well, maybe it's a squeek between the cheeks of this years match and the epic battle between GOAT and Nadal in '08 (although at 4hr 57min, this years tussle outlasted the legendary 2008 showdown by nine minutes).

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