Northern Aces has very active competitive doubles teams in both women's and men's tennis leagues in Manchester, as well as an internal singles box league

Our teams

Our women's team is based at Manchester Tennis & Football Centre, and our Men's teams use Urmston Sports Club as their home site. Our team spirit is strong, and we're always welcoming of new players.

Northern Aces
Women's A

Division: 1

Manchester & District
Lawn Tennis League

Captain: Louisa Howe



2019: Winners Div 1!

2018: Runner's Up Div 1

Northern Aces
Men's A

Division: 1

South West Manchester
Lawn Tennis League

Captain: Stuart Longworth



2019: Winners Div 1!

2018: 3rd Div 1

Northern Aces
Men's B

Division: 2

South West Manchester
Lawn Tennis League

Captain: Michael Crook



2019: 4th Div 2

2018: 2nd Div 3

Singles box league

The Northern Aces Singles Box League is a way to encourage members to meet outside of social sessions and pursue more competitive singes play.

Open to members only and to a range of ability (with a minimum D standard). Players are grouped into boxes based on GLTA standard entries or their result in the previous Box League.



Box Leagues are administrated by the Committee but are left to members to play and oversee the individual matches and rules.

The standard rules of tennis apply except for the below:

  1. Courts should be booked for an hour which allows a 5 minute warmup and 55 minutes for play

  2. A timer should be set for 55 minutes

  3. Play a pro-set (first to 8 games with a standard tie-break at 7-7) with the following outcomes:
    a) If the timer goes off during the 7-7 tiebreak, the match is considered a draw
    b) If the timer goes off before the end of the match, cease play immediately
    c) If the match is on-serve, the match is considered a draw
    d) If a player has broken serve and is therefore a break up, they are the winner

  4. It can be decided between both players before the match starts if you would like to play a sudden-death deuce with receivers choice - for speed of play.  If one player wants to and the other does not, the default is normal rules deuce

  5. Players are all awarded 1 point for competing regardless of final result, hence:
    Players are awarded 4 points for a win, 2 points each for a draw, or 1 point for a loss


  6. All entrants must be paid members of Northern Aces Tennis Club

  7. In order to compete in the next season of the Box League, a competitor should complete a minimum of 50% of their matches

  8. If a player formally pulls out of the Box League due to injury (which forces them to give up all other NA tennis as well) then:
    a) If they have played no matches, no points are awarded to any other players
    b) If they have played some but not all matches, 1 point is awarded to the players who have not yet played the injured party

Interested in competing?

There's no better way to put all your hard earned skills to the test. Come down to one of our social sessions and meet some of our members, or get in touch to find out more. We also have a very active facebook group that regularly posts about competitions both internal and external, it's a great way to interact with other members.

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