Site Contact Form Image Verification

Simply copy the letters and numbers from the image into the box provided.

If you have any problems with the contact form please email our webmaster at with the subject "NA Contact Form Problem". Please note, however, that any mail sent to this address unrelated to the mail form will be ignored.

Why do we use image verification?

These days it is hard not to encounter email spam at some time or another. It has got to a point now where simply writing an email address on a web page is enough for the spammers to find and use your address.

People first got around this by introducing a web email form like the one you see here. However, the spammers have discovered ways to find these forms and automatically use them to send spam mail to the forms set email address.

A great way to prevent this automated process is to use an image verification system like the one you see here at the bottom of the form. It needs a person to look at an image and copy its contents into the verification box, stopping any automated process in its tracks.

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