Northern Aces Singles Box League


New box league - summer round! It will run from the 28th of May until the 31st of August 2016. Five groups on this round!  The top 2 players in leagues 2 to 5 will get promoted (provided they have played at least 50% of their matches). Matches should be a pro-set to 8 games, with tie-break at 7-all. Scoring remains 1 point for each game won, plus an additional 2 points for the match win.  For non-completed matches (i.e. run out of time) the final score will prevail, with the 2 additional points allocated to one player, as long as they have at least one service break in hand. If the match is on-serve, or equal games won, one bonus point each will be given. 

Note - Participation in the box leagues is open to Paid-up Members only. 

Results and enquiries are to be e-mailed to Miguel; 


 League 1

Kevin H  Dave O Michael C  David P Brian B

Total Points

Kevin H     8-0 24th July   8-6 8th Aug 20 points  
Dave O         8-6 21st July 10 points  
Michael C 0-8 24th July          0 points  
David P              
Brian B 6-8 8th Aug 6-8 21st July       12 points  


 League 2

 Andrew M John C  Miguel  Ian C  Jackie W

Total Points

 Andrew M     8-1 27th July 7-7 17th Aug   18 points  
 John C              
 Miguel 1-8 27th July         1 point  
 Ian C 7-7 17th Aug         8 points  
 Jackie W              


 League 3

Paul H Nick M Grant S Kenny G  Omar S

Total Points

Paul H     1-8 29th Aug   3-8 29th Aug 4 points  
Nick M              
Grant S 8-1 29th Aug       8-3 29th Aug 20 points  
Kenny G              
Omar S 8-3 29th Aug   3-8 29th Aug    

 13 points 



 League 4

 Jason P Mark L Alex H Gurjeet S James N

Total Points

Jason P     8-1 24th Aug    8-0 24th Aug  20 points  
Mark L     8-3 6th Aug     10 points  
Alex H 1-8 24th Aug  3-8 6th Aug   7-3 24th Aug  8-2 31st Aug 23 points  
Gurjeet S      3-7 24th Aug   8-2 24th Aug 13 points  
James N 0-8 24th Aug    2-8 31st Aug 2-8 24th Aug   4 points   


 League 5

Akhil A David K Toby B  Kate B  Oliver B

Total Points

Akhil A              
David K              
Toby B              
Kate B              
Oliver B