Northern Aces Membership

Northern Aces welcomes membership from people over the age of eighteen, who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered and those individuals who accept and support the needs of such a group. Membership is open to anyone: from absolute beginners to league players. The aim of the group is to provide a friendly environment where we can all learn and improve our games. 

Members are encouraged to take an active part in the operation and development of Northern Aces, by volunteering at events and by participating and voting at the AGM. In addition, it is an expectation of the group that all members take their turn to organise play at any sessions they attend, using the board provided. For the safety, comfort and enjoyment of all Northern Aces members, members are expected to abide by the Group rules and Code of Conduct.

Playing Fees and Charges

Playing fees are agreed on an annual basis at the AGM. Annual membership is currently £30 payable from 1st April each year. For people joining after 1st October, the membership is £20. Members can enjoy a wide range of membership benefits and entitlement to play at the weekly sessions at a reduced rate. Northern Aces is a non-profit making group and aims to break even, accordingly all tournaments are priced so as to cover costs and be affordable to members.

Weekly Sessions

The cost of play for a standard member at our regular indoor venues (Sportcity and Bolton Arena) is currently £8 per session.

The cost of play for full-time students and unemployed members (i.e. paid-up) is £5 per session. Evidence of eligibility for a reduced rate should be presented at membership renewal time. (Members are expected to inform the Committee as soon as they are no longer eligible for a reduced rate).

Guests, ie non-members, pay at the rate of £12 per session

Playing fees for our occasional venues are decided by the Committee according to the costs of the particular session at that venue. 

Tournaments Fees

Tournaments fees can vary depending on length of the tournaments and number of entrants. Please see specific tournament details for more information.


Northern Aces is covered by public liability insurance for the activities it provides. However, the personal belongings of players are not covered and it is recommended that players take out their own insurance should they consider personal cover is required.